Wine and Stein coming soon
(volunteers needed)

It's the Seeley Theatre's 100th anniversary!

100 years from the first showing in the Seeley Theatre and Opera House we will be hosting the Seeley Centennial Music Festival.

On September 28th, 2013 the balcony will once again open-it has been closed for nearly four decades... 
Get your tickets at local Pomeroy Banks.
Ticket prices range from $5 for kids, $10 for main floor seating, and $15 for balcony seats.

We will have a limited number of T-shirts available commemorating the event.  Here's the design.

Movies are also showing every Saturday in October!

The Seeley Theater is closed for the winter except for special tours - call 509-843-1818 or email for more info.

It's too cold for any winter events inside, but we do have electricity to part of the building now!!!

We now have the senior class working at the Seeley weekly.  They are a hard-working group and you'll be excited to see the changes when we reopen for events next spring.

August 30th, 2011 - The Seeley Theatre Commemorative Brick Project Begins! The seniors will be helping us design the brick layout that will soon grace the sidewalk in front.